Haiti-Maine Parish Partnership

St. Simon/St. Jude, Duny - Cathedral Church of St. Luke, Portland


Our partnership in Duny began in February of 2009.  We collaborate to support the basic needs of the school children in Duny, Haiti and are building relationships with people in the community.

The Partnership

Welcome to the web site for the Haiti-Maine Partnership of the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Portland, Maine working in partnership with the Episcopal Church of St. Simon/St. Jude in Duny, Haiti.

Watch the progress of the new school construction in Duny made possible by the generous donations of its supporters.  Click here to view more photos or visit The School page.

Building the School

Donate http://www.razoo.com/story/Duny-School-Building-Campaign

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Contact:       Cathedral Church of St. Luke

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http://cathedralofstluke.episcopalmaine.org/    office@cathedralofstluke.org or meredith.cough@gmail.com

St. Simon/St. Jude School under constructionThe_School.html

“We now understand a tiny intervention can have a transformative impact on a child’s life a generation later.”  - Nicholas Kristof  from A Path Appears